Thursday, June 9, 2011

Video gives your social media a huge boost

Video gives your social media campaigns the power boost they need.

There's a huge demand for video. U.S. audiences viewed nearly 28 billion online videos in November 2009 alone. Statistics don't lie. Over 37 million people watched the VW Darth Vader Superbowl ad on YouTube.

Ensure your video has quality production values. Poorly executed video is the same as a poorly executed website, brochure or business card. First impressions are everything. And because of the power of video to boost your search rankings, that may very well be the first impression thousands of potential customers see.
Here are some quick tips on ensuring quality.

1.Professional camera. Shoot on something that doesn't make your head look like it's a fishbowl.

2.Professional background. The laundry hamper in the background is not going to instil feelings of reassurance with your video blog following.

3.Dress for success. No I'm not saying wear a suit. But dress as you would if you were going to a business mixer. A ball cap and unkempt hair is not a good look if you want people to hire your business.

4.Graphics. Add "on brand" graphics to your video. It reinforces the message and makes your over all video look much more professional.

5.Length. Don't viewers are busy people. Get to the point.

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