Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Microsoft's Kinect technology

Microsoft appears to be constantly playing catch up these days. But in this arena they appear to be leading the charge.

Microsoft is using their Kinect technology to try and make ads more engaging.
The motion sensor technology will attempt to appeal to a whole different audience.

And here is the article from today's AdAge.

Interactive-TV advertising has long been a dream deferred, but Microsoft hopes it's figured out how to help make ads more engaging to consumers.

In a demo at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Microsoft offered a look at five TV spots with which viewers can interact using its popular Xbox Kinect technology. Like the Nintendo Wii, Kinect allows users to control the video-game console through voice and gestures rather than a controller. It was rolled out late last year in a bid to soften the Xbox image as a haven for hardcore gamers and bring in more fare that's suitable for families.

Now it appears the technology may also be a boost to Microsoft's ad-sales efforts when the ads, dubbed NuAds (for "natural user"), are available in spring 2012. In Microsoft's view, interactive-TV ads have failed to take off because they put a big burden on marketers, forcing them to create unique spots that typically aren't reusable.


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