Friday, June 3, 2011

Creative Excellence Fridays - The Courier Edition

Canada Post is on strike. Again. And in honour of our postal carriers, who have a bit of time on their hands this week, we offering Creative Excellence for couriers and carriers.

Our first offering is from the USPostal Service. The message is sweet, the gag a bit weak, but it get's the main selling point across.

Next up, another instant classic from FedEx. This spot is brilliant because the entire commercial is built around emphasis, emphasis, emphasis of a little known pocket of FedEx business; Fedex is great for non-urgent business too!

Note how the sell message is even tatooed on the president's back.

UPS needed to stress how their complex network infrastructure gets your package there with a minimum of complications. They called it "logistics". A phone call, a purchase of the rights to use the melody "That's Amore", some new lyrics, fancy graphics and voila.

That's it for this week. As always, comments and suggestions are always encouraged.
Have a great weekend.

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