Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Which restaurant chain has most engaged Facebook fans? Surprising.

Our thanks to Ragan.com for the source article.
Who would have thought that Denny's would have their act together over all the other powerhouses when it comes to Facebook?

Sort of like the stuffy Conservatives out muscling the other parties in Canada in the election. All it takes are a couple individuals in a company committing to the right players, and you can become an online social media winner.

Here's the Ragin.com article

Which restaurant chain has the most engaged Facebook fans? You might be surprised

You can rack up Facebook 'likes' and a large following until the cows come home. But those statistics don't mean your fans are engaged with your brand.
By Kristin Piombino | Posted: April 29, 2011

The restaurant chain with the most engaged fans on Facebook is …

… drum roll please…


Surprised? Check out the finalists and their active fan percentages:

1. Denny's (2.0 percent)

2. White Castle (1.7 percent)

3. Panera Bread (1.7 percent)

4. Arby's (1.7 percent)

5. Burger King (1.6 percent)

Expion, a social media management software company, ranked 312 major foodservice companies based on their numbers of active Facebook fans.

"Active" fans are users who post on the restaurants' Facebook walls, or leave comments on text, videos or pictures the brands post to their pages.

In a recent Nation's Restaurant News article, Mark Brandau says that it's not the number of followers a chain has that's important, but how engaged those fans are:

"Executives at several restaurant chains say cultivating a core of actively engaged fans rather than carrying passive users who "like" their brands once and never interact increases their return on investment. Active fans are more likely to follow new products and promotions and tend to share news of brands they follow with their friends, operators say."

Brandeau goes on to say that while most restaurant chains trail behind the follower counts of industry giants like Starbucks, their followers are not engaged with the brand. Starbucks's active fan percentage is only 0.1 percent, barely landing it in the top 25 rankings.

Read the full article here, and learn how the top chains earned their spots.

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