Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Truth in Beervertising

You've seen all the ads from Coors and other breweries talking about their "cold indicators". First Coors Light had their "cold-activated" cans and bottles. Then Anheuser-Busch follwed with "ice-cold easy indicator". And now Miller Coors has the "super-cold" indicator.

It led many to say, "what's wrong with just touching the beer???" That's what a small brewery in Breckenridge Colorado asked when it introduced its' "proprietary cold test".

It consists of head brewer Bob Harrington touching a bottle of Summerbright Ale and deadpanning: "It's cold." Another spot plugs Avalanche Ale's "gravity activated pouring" bottles: "When you tip it, beer goes straight in your mouth. When you tip it back, the beer stops flowing." Without saying it by name, another ad clearly makes a dig at "triple hops brewed" Miller Lite, by declaring that Breckenridge's Lucky U IPA is "seven-druple hopped."

Here is one of the 15 second parody spots.

As refreshing as a, well, cold beer.

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