Thursday, May 26, 2011

Facebook and Linked In thoughts from JVS

I attended the JVS strictly business luncheon yesterday in Toronto and enjoyed comments from the two key note speakers.
Jordan Banks of Facebook Canada and Jonathan Lister of LinkedIn Canada both had some key insites.

Most interesting to me was the obvious observation by Jordan, that companies make the strategical error of planning a "digital strategy". In fact, he states, off line and on line media should all be planned to work in concert with each other. It should all fall under one banner, and not be segmented off.

I agree with Jordan, that On line media should brand, inform, entertain and "direct", meaning using the conventional television radio to do everything they used to do, but taking it a step further and having that media drive your audience to your digital realms to allow interested customers to opportunity to learn, interact and share.

Jonathan Lister had some corporate culture observations about Linkedin that are worth sharing. He mentioned that one day a month, Linkedin employees dedicate their entire staff to doing something for the community. Picking up waste, etc. to beautify and create goodwill both internally and externally. And a very important point; he said revenue generation is #4 in their list of priorities when looking at product development and modification. Rule #1, is it going to make a better experience for the customer.

Now those are rule's to live by.

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