Monday, May 9, 2011

Better video blog tips - create a themed campaign

As we all strive to create better online video content, we'll continue with our series of online tips to help you in your cause.

There's no doubt about it, video sells you and your business online. And it's the future. Every 60 seconds 15 hours of video is uploaded on to Youtube.

Here are three tips to think about.

  1. Create a themed Campaign: Think past stand-alone videos. Consider a series of content-rich videos that you publish on a timed, regular frequency. This allows you to create more awareness for your topic and keywords and allows more brand consistency.
  2. Give the Viewer Purpose: Resort to a call to action so your viewer will not be left in doubt as to how they can benefit from what you're offering. Make it clean, clear and obvious.
  3. Don’t cloud up your credibility with ad-speak: We are all inundated with so many advertising messages every day. Use your video content as a chance to establish credibility and brand value. Solve a problem and build goodwill. Believe me, if you do that, they'll find you.
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