Thursday, April 28, 2011

Criminals need better PR

I went out to my vehicle this morning to discover that it had been broken into. The rocket scientist criminal took my new running shoes, most of my CD's (apparently some of my musical taste has no value on the black market), and my "prescription" Oakley sunglasses.

Here's my question. Why, oh why, would a thief steal prescription sunglasses. He has one of two choices. He can snap the frames out and purchase new lenses (which is counter intuitive to a thief's mantra - merchandise in, no money out), or he can stand on the street corner and whisper, "Pssst...would you happen to be -3.25 in your left eye and -3.00 in your right? Have I got a deal for you."

I think stupidity needs better PR. If there are any public relations people within earshot, consider some pro-bono work for criminals at large. They could really use your help.

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