Friday, April 15, 2011

Creative Excellence Fridays - Does patriatism sell cars?

Thanks to Rory O'Shea for forwarding this week's creative inspiration.

The Chrysler 200 commercial featuring Eminem is beautiful film making. This commercial has been sliced and diced into several versions. 30's, 60's, and the original length below. One of the great things about theatre commercials and online presentations is that the film maker is allowed to let a commercial resolve to its' proper beats, without cutting here and there to squeeze it into a broadcast unit.

But the question this week; does patriotism sell cars? One might be inclined to buy a car that was part of a company the public has bailed out to the tune of billions, in hopes that the public investment didn't go to waste. This Chrysler ad is working from the perspective of a natural inclination to root for the underdog. In this case, it's Detroit.

When GM pulled itself out of the doldrums of insolvency, they realized they too needed to wave a flag, or three to beat the drum of North American pride. The thinking behind this ad is not dissimilar to the Chrysler ad. Chrysler's underdog, Detroit. GM's underdog? The whole North American economy.

Here's the ad that came out two years ago when GM was clawing back.

And finally, a more recent ad GM put together to celebrate the name, reinvigorate the brand and push forward a sense of corporate pride around all the surviving GM names.

I was looking for a commercial by Ford that said, "we didn't take a dime from the government and we're just fine thank you very much", but that one must still be in production. Maybe next time.

As always, your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Have a great weekend.

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