Friday, March 4, 2011

Creative Excellent Fridays - The greatest commercials of all time - No really, I googled it

It's such a random, and completely subjective statement. Your idea of a classic commercial, and my idea, are about as far reaching as stating "The Bridge Over the River Kwai" was much better than "Godfather2". It's all subjective.

Having said that, I decided as a completely unscientific exercise to simply type into google, "the greatest commercials of all time." Here is what a random google search came up with.

Agree. Disagree. Offer up your own. It's all good. As long as there is excellence of creative intent involved, we're good.

This commercial has such incredible impact when it first came out. It still wins many debates on its' influence. Part "BladeRunner". Part "2001 a space odyssey", it works on so many levels. Directed by Ridley Scott. I can't confirm this, but I'm reasonably sure the voiceover is Allan Arbus, the actor who played Sidney the psychiatrist on the television show Mash.

Does this Terry Tate commercial belong in the list? Probably not. It's entertaining. But not earth shaking. But again, the criteria was simply a google search. Who am I to question fate.

And finally, "I want my bon bon." Grocery stores, for generations, have been putting candy low enough on the aisles that any fairly functional five year old can reach, and put in the cart. That's the premise. It it made for a classic commercial.

Again, I realize the concept is a ridiculous one, but a fun exercise just the same. The greatest commercials of all time. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Have a great weekend.

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