Friday, March 11, 2011

Creative Excellence Fridays - Really? Microsoft catch phrase

Every expert I have spoken with admits Microsoft has a real uphill battle to displace the mobile phone competition. But their first commercial to promote Windows Mobile 7 is impressive.
Creating a commercial campaign that gives birth to a "catch phrase" is every marketer's dream.
"Really?". It's such a simple premise. But how many times have you wanted to say to someone, "you have got to be kidding!" The marketing team at Crispin Porter + Bogusky did a stellar job on these spots. They have created a universal acceptance of the term, "really?".

The logic is simple. Don't be "that guy". We have all seen people texting while they walk across a busy street. And what's with texting non stop when you're at a party or out with a group of friends? It basically says, "I'd rather be with THIS person but I'm settling for you right now."

This ad doesn't play off the "really" theme, but reaffirms the concept that you should really live in the moment, not virtually.

The mobile market will continue to heat up we can't wait to see who hits the next home run as all the players attempt to cash in on the cool factor.

As always, your comments and contributions are welcome. Thanks to Dave Boire from DB Audio for this week's suggestion.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. The catch phrase is amazing and the commercial is fantastic, but my humble opinion is that it is mocking the very user that would purchase a mobile phone, so I am not that sure of its efficacy.