Thursday, March 17, 2011

Choosing your online brand colours

In the design realm we all know there are certain colours that work together better. And we know there are "hot" colours; not hot as in warm and cool, but trendy. Lime green was "the" colour a few years ago. Hot orange seems to be the colour this year. Who decides? Well, the design community, and hopefully the "bureau of good taste". (although that bureau has been known to take occasionally extended holidays to parts unknown the odd year)

You've heard the expression, "tone deaf"? There are people who experience the same affliction with colour. Thankfully there are now web assistants who help the "colour challenged" choose more wisely.

Here are a few.

Pictaculous With Pitaculous, you already have an image which has committed you to a colour scheme. You simply upload that image, and their super genius computers palette out the colour scheme for the rest of your project.

Another popular one is Colour Schemer
You simply click on the "magic wheel" with your mouse and the colours miraculously appear in front of you.

Colour has such a powerful impact on our moods, our lives and how we perceive our brands; I hope these tools help make your choices a little easier.

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