Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen wins at social media. Common sense? Not so much

Charlie Sheen has gone on a public rant over the cancellation of his CBS show this past week. Many would question the logic or what he is trying to accomplish. However, one interesting point came out of all of this; it again focusses on the power of social media to distribute a message.

Charlie Sheen got authenticated on his Twitter account in record time. How? By hiring a skilled
tech company called Ad LY. They specialize in setting up and authenticating Twitter accounts for celebrities.

Sheen obviously knew the importance of hiring an astute tech ally. And his account has picked up 1.2 million followers in the last 36 hours.

It doesn't validate the serious trainwreck that is his life, however it does illustrate clearly the power of the messenger.

Who's on AD LY ,s client list? See for yourself Client list AD LY

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