Wednesday, February 9, 2011

TV's news channels bleak according to Globe and Mail

A proposed CRTC regulatory change to ease standards for radio and TV in terms of broadcasting “false or misleading news" is concerning a lot of people in Canada. The launch of the new, Fox news style format, Sun TV is also causing eyebrows to raise.

The article also points out there are changes at the top of CTV. Credible professionals are exiting. Susanne Boyce, president creative and content services, is reportedly leaving in March and Alon Marcovici, executive vice president of digital media and head of the online coverage of the 2010 Winter Games from Vancouver, is also on the way out.

Companies routinely need to refresh the ranks, however I hope that this is not a sign of a change of direction. CTV has a strong sense of history and ethics and we can only hope they are not acting in advance of curious eyeballs who will be peering at the spectacle the new Sun TV no doubt will become.

Canadian news has always had a stellar reputation on par with the BBC. We can only hope this reputation remains in tact.

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