Thursday, February 3, 2011

Social media is reinventing activism

Social media is enabling groups, communities, countries, to communicate much faster. The current situation in Egypt is attributing much of it's essence to social media. So much so that Hosni Mubarak ordered the internet shut down. Resourceful individuals found ways to get back "on" the information highway. It appears the internet, and social media can not be stopped. It's now about implementing "mob rule" responsibly.

There is much being said online this week with online petitions and facebook pages of outrage over the proposed internet caps that the large provider entities are implementing in Canada.
One group called has 357,000 people signed to their petition.

Social media is here to stay. Topics, issues will be discussed now at lightning speed; sometimes without proper gestation.

We can only hope that, as always, saner heads prevail and social media is used in a responsible way.

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