Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tablet-mania - the cart is catching up to the horse

You've probably seen or read about the ongoing war between the Ipad, and the generic tablets. And soon Rim will join the fray with the Playbook.
Has the tablet time arrived?

If this link is any indication, one would have to say yes. Comics you can upload and watch for pennies an issue.
Comics on your table

And statistics don't lie. According to some analysts over at Forrester Research, they estimate that by the time 2015 rolls around 82.1 million US adults will carry a tablet. If you extrapolate that into Canada, add an additional 8 million users. Furthermore, they expect the current 10.2 million US users to increase to 26 million by 2011 and 50.7 million by 2012. Of course, leading the pack is none other than Apple’s iPad which Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps believes will lead the hype throughout 2012.

But comics on a digital screen? Don't be surprised. Purists can dilute their passion for print when they're able to see comics they otherwise wouldn't see at all.

The real reading on a tablet market however will be people who slowly migrate from the daily newspaper, or magazine, to the online version. And when an online magazine also includes video clips, it makes a pretty convincing case for tablets.

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