Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jeep Liberty commercial - humour built around the sell point

An associate and talented videographer, James Graham, passed this on to me. I love this commercial. Not just because it's funny but that's a good place to start. I love it because it adheres to our core principle; don't let the main sell message get lost in the humour. Build the humour around the focus selling proposition.

I can see the agency meeting on this one.

Team lead: "We need to get across the fact that the Jeep Liberty has some luxury bells and whistles. What's the one feature people probably don't know this vehicle has?"

Team member: "Heated seats?"

Team lead: "Beautiful. Build a commercial around that."

Team member: "Ummm okay cool."

And this was the result. Brilliant.

My lead animator and I spent about ten minutes watching this and debating over how much was green screened, how much was live and how much was modeled.

The portion with the bears tongue pressed against the vehicle has got to be green screened. If for now other reason than the SPCA would take issue. I think the tongue is modeled. Or there was peanut butter or honey placed on a green mat.

I know, we should get a hobby or a life. Thankfully my job is also my hobby and vice versa so it all works out just fine.

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