Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Fuel with a minor GPS adjustment

I read about the appointment of Jon Bond joining New York social agency Big Fuel. Immediately I hopped on their site to breathe in the vibe. I was greeted with an extremely professional site; but I couldn't get around how much the voice just didn't seem to work with the feel of the overall site. The woman sounded too young, and the drama of the script...well I wasn't buying it.

When a company as successful as this, puts all the effort into the brand , it only makes sense that the last mile is greeted with the same urgency. The last mile being the all important voice that is the first impression of a new company.

I get it that I'm not 20. But a hip, "youngish" voice, can still possess the qualities necessary to rivet me, or a 20 year old to the brand.

Make your own call

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