Friday, December 10, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Editing brilliance to 30 seconds

The internet has provided us all with a much bigger canvas to work on. In the past we were all forced to take a brilliant idea and squeeze it into 30 seconds or 15 seconds. With viral and web commercials, we are only limited by the attention span of the viewer. Having said that, we still want to be mindful that, in a multi stimuli world, we need to keep it moving. It is nice, however, to know you can take that extra second to provide the comic beat timing that is the difference between good and great.

Here's a perfect example, just in time for Christmas. Coke is a world class leader in "feel good" branding. Their new Christmas commercial is spectacular with effects, music, emotion and editing all working together seamlessly.

But look at the difference in experience between the one minute and 30 second. It's mind boggling.

60 second - 47 edits

And now the 30 second - 26 edits

It's still great content, but you can see how quickly the edits stamp the story through. You're almost out of breath watching it. 26 different edits in the 30 seconds moves this along at breakneck pace. we also lost the dog sequence, the two televisions clinking together, and the additional Santa sequences. It was the difference between saying "that was cool" and "wow..goosebumps."

That's it for this week - more holiday favourites from today and yesterday coming up in the coming weeks. Have a great weekend. And as always your comments and contributions are welcome.

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