Friday, December 3, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - The Black and White Commercial

I'm researching diamond branding for a client right now. I was surprised by how many commercials have been done in black and white. I think there's an unofficial rulebook out there somewhere that states, "when trying to be ethereal, and high level, always shoot at least a portion of your commercial in black and white." Thus, the theme for today. Black and White commercials. Rule number two from same said rulebook, when shooting in black and white, always have at least one scene from a square in Paris or Rome.

Here's a beautiful commercial for Zane's Jewelers

This next commercial uses black and white but is proof that it doesn't guarantee a good execution. You may disagree, but this didn't work for me. Probably because it's completely focused on her with no actual reaction from him. And the messaging at the end is somewhat ambiguous.

Now this is how you shoot a black and white commercial.

And finally, a commercial that mixes in and out of black and white very effectively. Macy's. This is all in the editing, seamlessly flowing sequences and colour together. I love this commercial.

That's it for this week. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Have a great weekend.

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