Thursday, December 23, 2010

Content is still king - ask Barry Diller

There's an expression in the real estate industry; when Starbucks opens in the neighbourhood it's already too late to buy in.

Barry Diller has represented the "Starbucks" factor in media and entertainment since he came on to the scene in the 70's as CEO of Paramount Pictures. Diller has always been a little ahead of the curve, spotting trends and capitalizing on them before the rest of the pack.

More recently Diller has launched The Writer's Network. Someone as cunning as Diller knows that the key to winning media battles is not owning the highway, because the map keeps changing all the time. The key is owning the content. With The Writer's Network he appears to be mapping a pathway to creating thousands of articles in a specific content niche, home and garden. Writer's go on his site, and for a "small" fee, create articles about specifically requested topics. In the technology of google, which appears to be the most important and complex road war, articles are the independent tributaries that guide people to the sources.

We'll watch with interest what the next move is from a man who doesn't know the meaning of retirement.

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