Friday, November 12, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Animation today and yesterday

Today on Creative Excellence Fridays we salute clever animated commercials. The first spot involves cell and real footage. It's for Pilot Pen company in Spain. The evolution of creativity. The English version has a completely different sound track to the Spanish.


The Spanish version - Featuring German polka music. Go figger.

Next, from the history vault, classic cell animation from the 1950's. This is a "celebrity" spot starring 1950's animated character Mr McGoo.
The voice of Mr McGoo was character actor Jim Backus. Jim Backus was probably best known as Mr Howell from Gilligans Island. If you listen carefully you'll notice Backus does both voices for the extra paycheck.

And we close off with a cell animated commercial for Carling Black Label Beer. The jingle speaks of "whistling" for your waitress. I wouldn't advise that today.

That's it for this weekend. As always, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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