Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Use SEO video to promote your business

Recent research by Yellow Pages indicated that if people click on your video search link, they're ready to buy. It's that simple.

Here are some more interesting stats about online video.

Interesting statistic #1.
85% of North Americans's watch video online regularly. I'm finding even myself, when I miss The Big Bang Theory, makes it available to me. And, interestly enough, being conditioned to see a two minute commercial cluster, I feel almost rushed when the show comes back on after one 15 or30 second commercial.

Interesting statistic #2.
Some potential buyers say they'd choose a supplier with video, over those without, simply because it displays the buying decisions in an easy to follow format instead of reams of text to go through.

Sites such as YouTube, Blip, Metacafe, Daily Motion all promote video, providing you tag it properly. It makes a very solid argument for the powers of SEO video.


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