Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gap logo debacle - shades of New Coke

Not since the new Coke debacle of 1985 has a major brand made such an about turn.

Four days ago the Gap released their new logo design. In 1985 Coke didn't have the immediate response mechanisms of social media and word slowly fizzed back about the mediocre reception of the brand. In the case of The Gap, it was instantaneous. And frankly, why would one of the most recognizable logo brands in the world play with something as reverential as The Gap logo.

In any event, today at 4pm Pacific time, they will make the official announcement; old logo stays.

Was it a publicity stunt? Perhaps, as we're talking about a brand that many feel has been passed over in recent years by much more cutting edge marketers such as American Apparel.

The marketing media will be watching the press conference with their spidey senses on high.

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