Friday, October 22, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Scary Scary

Next weekend is halloween party time. What will you dress as? Ad Age had some interesting suggestions this morning. As marketing people we're inspired by pop culture, television and even advertising. There will be Snookies, Lady Gaga's and M&M's. But also look for more obscure costumes such as Pam from the "Office" and Joan from "MadMen". Even "Mayhem" from the recent Allstate commercials. We cast our vote for Flo from the Progressive spots. Only the Philadelphia Cream Cheese lady is happier than Flo. And of course, Dos Equis - Most Interesting Man in the world. Or The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, I'm riding a horse backwards guy.

In the spirit of Halloween I dug back into the commercial archives and pulled up a few from years gone by.

Here's a bizarre commercial for Direct TV featuring a soundtrack of an innocent version of Silent Night as the worst monsters in history parade across the screen holding hands.

Here's a scary commercial for Norwegian Airlines -- great special effects.

And finally, here's Nike paying homage to the Halloween slasher films, but in this version it appears Michael may need a few more spin classes.

Have a great weekend. As always, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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