Friday, October 8, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Awesome viral hunting

Happy Friday. Scouring the net for interesting content for todays blog I stumbled across an amazing viral video experiment.

TipEx (Britain's answer to "White out") has a brilliantly designed YouTube marketing campaign: a video called "NSFW. It's all shot very handheld and seemingly low tech. A camper is brushing his teeth in the woods and a bear approaches. You are given the choice. Should he shoot the bear? As you click through, you're given the opportunity to type in "suggestions" on what he may actually do to, and with the bear. It's very funny and extremely engaging. And it fits the criteria of viral; something worth forwarding. Try typing in, hug, love, and paint. And yes there's even a response for the xrated suggestions. That's half the fun. Enjoy!

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