Monday, October 18, 2010

Beauty in all its' forms Jean Nouvel

Happy Monday - back at it with a look at something exciting coming to the skyline of Manhattan.

On the weekend I read in the online NYTimes about an exciting new edition to the New York vista, a new building by rising star Jean Nouvel. It seems odd to call a 65 year old Parisian a rising star, however he has bubbled just under the top in obscurity for years. People in the know were well aware of him and he has been awarded projects throughout the world, including the giant "penis" in Barcelona.

The new tower, going in a narrow lot right next to Moma, will light up the skyline. It even raised protests in Manhattan because it was going to rival the height of the Empire State Building. After much debate, it was agreed the Nouvel tower could be built if he shaved 300 feet off the top.

Click on the NYTimes article to read more, if you're interested. It's a truly beautiful structure.

Or click on the CBS Sunday morning link to see more

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