Monday, September 20, 2010

Video and Social Media

An associate posted this very flattering testimonial to Ontrack and to the importance of video with your social media campaigns.

Video is a Very Important Tool in your Social Media Arsenal

My organization set’s up and facilitates social media campaigns for hundreds of corporate clients. I can tell you that Social Media is very important and will provide you with the online recognition and credibility that you deserve.

You want to be able to achieve excellent coverage by having a social media presence on many different social media sites as well as many different types of social media sites. Releasing targeted and optimized content across your social media is what will result in the information posted on your social media sites appearing on Google searches.

This can be achieved through articles and video. Video is really important because video enables you to use sites like YouTube, Flickr, Multiply and more….These sites only allow you to post video or images and get excellent Google rankings and so you cannot afford, not to be there.

There are many types of video you can use and release across your social media such as video blog, digital short commercials, video presentations, video demos of products and services and more….

In past articles we have discussed that content and content is king. Just because you may want to have video content for your social media, does not mean you should just shoot a video blog in your office (as an example) and throw it up online.

Everything you release to the public is a form of communications, is public relations material and should be conducive with your level of professionalism and your brand, even if the topic is personal in nature.

It makes good sense to use the services of a creative production house that specialized in corporate video production for these purposes. We use a video production shop downtown, Ontrack Communications. It is quite affordable and well worth the money to have your video shot and edited by a professional.

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