Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Television boundaries expanding

ABC News and Reuters recently covered the expansion of boundaries on prime time and cable television. The most expansive area recently focuses on the gay/lesbian community.

Openly gay creative of True Blood, Allan Ball (American Beauty, Six Feet Under), leads the way with several characters who are either gay or bisexual.

How is the general public dealing with this new morality? The conservative right seems unable to hold the line as other very popular shows such as the Good Wife, and Modern Family portray gay characters.

Not pioneers of course, as Will and Grace blazed that trail dating back to 1998.

It's a sign that television is reflecting life with a bit more accuracy. Cable has definitely pushed the envelope and the major non cable networks have realized they have to be a bit more "real" and a bit more "cable like" in their approach if they are going to stop the erosion of their audiences to cable and internet viewing.

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