Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long Slogans more effective

Ad Age had an interesting article this morning on the effectiveness of longer slogans. Personally I don't even like to use the word "slogans" as it makes me think of the 60's tv show "Bewitched" and Darren Stevens at McMann and Tate scheming with Samantha about the clever new "slogan" they need to come up with to win the big account.

Slogans, positioning statements, brand lines, whatever you choose to call them are essential. So many advertisers and brand managers think short and catchy will win the day. However, the whole point of advertising and mass media communications is to "clearly" communicate a main idea that gives you a competitive advantage.
Avis - "We Try Harder" managed to achieve both. Fedex, as you'll see from the AdAge article, wanted to go with "The overnight company". But chose to go with "When it absolutely, positively has got to get there". Only a few more words, but so much more emphatic.

At Ontrack Communications we have a "slogan" we live by. "Don't kill it with cute". Trying to be cool or clever is fine if it is the best choice. However if you sacrifice a clear communication of the chief benefit for a shorter, catchier, vague positioning statement, you've failed.

How about --

Ontrack Communications - We try harder to show you the beef because we want to be all we can be and we're worth it.
Have a great Wednesday.

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