Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't shoot the media messenger

Sometimes, when an ad campaign doesn't work, it isn't the creative; or the choice of media. It's simply a poor strategic execution. I recently began working with a client who wished to secure television time and produce a commercial to promote their services. After further exploration it was determined this was a travel agency. A travel agency that also sold luggage. And laptops. And jewelery.
When questioning the focus of the company I was told, this is what we do. We like to sell whatever we can to whoever we can.
That doesn't appear like a business strategy for a travel agency. That's a business strategy for Kijiji.

Suffice to say the commercial and our relationship didn't come to fruition.

Let's assume the company has their targets and goals firmly researched and in their sites. What next?

You clearly want to find a creative execution that "feels right". You wouldn't buy a shirt that was button down conservative if you're a hip, in your face, individual. The same thought goes into the kind of creative that will be the personality of your brand.

You can make all the right choices for where the creative will be placed. But if the message is inconsistent with the company personality, or you get lost amidst much more sharply branded competitors, you'll still be wearing the button down shirt in an empty room.

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