Friday, September 3, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Top 10 Viral Ads of ALL TIME

This week on Creative Excellence Fridays we look at the trend of video viral. There have been some naysayers saying viral waters down the brand, but the trends can't be denied. Viral video has been embraced by everyone from huge packaged goods and hi-tech to small retail.

Having said that, here are some surprising results for the top video virals of all time (bearing in mind time means the last five years or so given the infancy of viral video). Results courtesy of an independent poll commissioned by AdWeek.

The No. 1 video advertiser of all time is Blendtec, whose "Will It Blend" series has been around in the same form for four years, accumulating 134.2 million views. The success has been from "borrowing" from Letterman's shtick of crashing and trashing perfectly good stuff. They have taken a variety of items and "put em in a blender". Each of the more than 120 original clips has the same kitschy music, the same tagline, variations on the same stunt and the same host, Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson. I found it drags on a bit, and the hits are undoubtedly from younger "clickers". Here they are - the top ten virals of all time.

Brand Campaign Agency All Time Views* Launch Date Watch the Spot
1 Blendtec Will It Blend? In-house 134,256,499 10/30/06 Blendtec: Will it Blend?
2 Evian Live Young BETC Euro RSCG 103,867,704 6/4/09 Evian: Live Young
3 Old Spice Responses Wieden & Kennedy 57,132,669 7/12/10 Old Spice: Responses
4 Pepsi Gladiator AMV BBDO 46,742,892 1/1/04 Pepsi: Gladiator
5 Microsoft Xbox Project Natal World Famous 42,698,599 6/1/09 Microsoft: Xbox Project Natal
6 Dove Evolution Ogilvy & Mather 41,100,418 10/1/06 Dove: Evolution
7 T-Mobile T-Mobile Dance Saatchi & Saatchi 35,487,575 1/15/09 T-Mobile Dance
8 Doritos Crash The Super Bowl 2010 Goodby Silverstein & Partners 34,168,845 1/5/10 Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl 2010
9 Old Spice Odor Blocker Wieden & Kennedy 33,986,750 3/31/10 Old Spice: Odor Blocker
10 DC Shoes Gymkhana Two Mad Media 32,872,531 9/3/09 DC Shoes: Ken Block's Gymkhana Two Project

Post script - the Roger Federer viral from last week's Creative Excellence blog has gone under some scrutiny as to whether or not the tennis ball stunt was actually performed by Federer or some special effects wizards in post. You be the judge
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