Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Banner advertising vs television advertising

We have been asked by several of our clients to create motion branded content for their online campaigns.
In doing so we have also assisted clients with purchasing and placing that content.
Our research has led us to a couple of strategic partners who are very adept at assisting in this area. and are two leaders in banner placement who have been recommended by other colleagues we trust.

Is banner advertising a good place to go?

Yes and no.

Yes, if the ad is carefully designed to focus on your major key selling strength.
No, if you attempt to bury every positive advantage of dealing with your company into one animated banner.

Banner advertising is not a television commercial. They are two different animals.

Television, in spite of the invention of the refrigerator and washroom, still assume a certain amount of attention in that they are the only communication on the screen at that given moment.

Banner advertising competes with no fewer than 10 other messages in one place. You need to ensure your banner advertising gets to the point quickly, is clean in design, stays on brand visually, and repeats your message over and over.

We'll touch on the intricacies of banner advertising in future blogs as well as the practice and ethics of cookies in banner follows.

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