Monday, August 16, 2010

Smart phones now outnumber computers in the US

An interesting statistic to be sure. From a recent poll in PCWorld here are a couple of other facts worth noting.

-- The majority (79 percent) of respondents cite the smartphone as the phone they used the most to conduct business, as compared to an office phone or home phone.

-- Smartphones are also encroaching on computers as well, with 34 percent of respondents using the smartphone more than the computer for business. In fact, seven percent don't even take their laptop when they travel for business if they have their smartphone.

And one more little tidbit.

The #1 web destinations on mobile are social sites. Facebook has over 100M users who use mobile regularly to access the site. Twitter's original design was to engage and interact via text messaging and mobile accounts for a significant portion of all Twitter users.

These statistics are not going unnoticed.
The auto industry will spend about $1.2 billion this year on social media advertising, according to consulting firm Borrell Associates Inc. And that number is projected to grow to $4.6 billion by 2015.

The little budgets that grew.

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