Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Martha Stewart and Madmen

It's been 23 years since the corporate and consumer world was introduced to the Martha Stewart brand. And, in spite of serving time for a securities charge, her brand is now hotter than ever.

The Martha Stewart Pets brand of beds, collars, leashes and doggie dishes is sold exclusively at PetSmart.
Historically known for selling tasteful bargain-priced house wares and garden items at Kmart, Ms. Stewart has disassociated with that retailer.

Now her expanding array of goods can be found at Macy's and The Home Depot, not to mention PetSmart and Michaels .

She's no longer just about dishes, sheets and towels, but also putting her name on paint and carpets. A line of Martha Stewart collars, leashes and doggie dishes recently rolled into PetSmart.

The Martha machine continues to roll on. You have to admire her tenacity.

Also in ad news this morning the Madmen "inspired" commercials for Dove are gathering mixed reviews.

On the Madmen Facebook page people are complaining that they are trying to steal Madmen's thunder.

But on the positive side people are definitely talking about the brand.

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