Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jet Blue Rogue employee handling

It was reported on Monday that a Jet Blue airline attendant "lost it". A rude customer refused to sit back down when the plane had landed, and went so far as to knock his luggage into the head of the attendant. The Attendant grabbed the microphone and announced he was retiring, grabbed a beer off the cart, pulled the emergency shoot, slid down and drove off.

I've been watching Jet Blue's PR department handle this and honestly, it's a non issue. Many are cheering this employee for doing what many of us don't have the nads to do ourselves. I suspect Jet Blue wanted to speak in favour of his rebellious attitude and how that reflects the brand itself, but he violated serious air port regulations and it is all under review.

In the meantime Jet Blue is taking a neutral position, as it's the only position they can take.

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