Monday, August 23, 2010

Facebook trumping brand sites

I assumed this would happen, but not this soon. The popularity of Facebook has made it a destination site for consumers over the conventional website. Why? Because people want to interact and that's what Facebook is all about; a place to read, see, experience, and leave your mark.

Headline in todays Advertising Age

What Happens When Facebook Trumps Your Brand Site?

'Like' It or Not, Trend Serves as Another Telling Sign of Social Media's Growing Dominance

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BATAVIA, Ohio ( -- While the tech world obsessed about when Facebook would turn on location and morph into a "Foursquare killer," the social network has quietly become something else: the biggest relationship-marketing provider for many brands.

Biggest Facebook Fan Pages

BIGGEST FACEBOOK FAN PAGES: While U.S. web traffic to brand websites rarely exceeds six figures, DBMS can already count 37 branded Facebook pages with at least a million fans just among CPG, retail, pharmaceutical and fast-food marketers.

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