Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tech Wednesdays - RIM, Twitter & Iphone

There's no denying that mobile is the next great frontier in ad and social communication. The RIM shareholder's meeting in Waterloo yesterday had extra meaning yesterday, given the competitive edge it appears to be giving away to Iphones. There was talk of a new operating system, the Blackberry 6, but no word on when it would be released. This could be the act of an experienced company that realizes it's better to take a small hit in share price, then promise and deliver something that's not ready for market.
Iphone is discovering this now, encountering problems with the new Iphone, which is translating into share price drops.

Meanwhile, you may recall a short time ago, Google appeared to kiss and make up with the Chinese government who agreed to stop blocking searches in the communist country. Twitter like companies appear to be at square one with the same problem in China. The original Twitter was banned over a year ago, but many "twitter-like" companies have launched social networking type sites, and the Chinese government has started clamping down on them.
It's difficult to keep a lid on free speech and thought, especially when you have a nation with a sophistocated tech infrastructure.

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