Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Social Media Maintenance Disaster

In yesterdays blog we discussed the importance of choosing your social media maintenance company wisely.

Today - two more reasons why this is such a crucial decision.

Reason #1
If you've nosed around the net lately you've found numerous companies (individuals) looking to provide article writing and maintenance services. Here is the concern; are they skilled writers who will properly research your brand category and talk intelligently about your product/service? Nothing sinks your image faster than a "newbie" trying to relate to an industry filled with industry speak. People in a specific industry, let's say mobile phones, expect that you have at least a remedial knowledge of the history, the major players, and major concerns of that industry before attempting to pontificate on the industrie's concerns.

Reason # 2
Choosing the wrong person/company can be corporate brand suicide. Whoever is handling your page needs to develop an ongoing strategy of defense.
Back in March Nestle had a pr disaster by being very defensive in addressing negative posts on their Facebook page.

In addition, Greenpeace created a very negative, and gory video mocking their palm oil policies. Nestle demanded it be pulled from Youtube, looking hyper defensive in the process. It appeared like the corporate giant was using their will to influence honest online dialogue.

On Facebook, however, they have no immediate control over vitriolic blasts. See the Facebook stream below:

Nestle Social Media Mishap

Sometimes it's better to let it all hang out, and allow the public to see you are a corporate citizen, warts and all, doing your best to alter practices in a realistic fashion. People appreciate and respect honesty and your desire to allow full disclosure.

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