Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Online advertising.. dollars going to the few

I read an interesting article this morning about how the bulk of online ad dollars are going to a very few large scale online mediums.
Have a look at these statistics.

The Short Tail: The top 10 online ad-selling companies, which received 71% of 2009's total internet ad revenues, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. These include Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL.

The Mid-Tail: Ad-selling companies 11 through 50, which received a sedate 18% of last year's internet ad revenues.

The Long Tail: Ad-selling companies numbers 51 to 250, which received about 8% of last year's internet ad revenues, according to eMarketer.

The Very Long Tail: Every other online ad-selling site -- thousands of sites, number 251 and up -- which received a mere 3% of all internet ad spending in 2009.

A closer look at those revenue figures shows how many major websites represent a small slice of the market. More than 82% of revenues from the total U.S. online advertising market go to just 25 web publishers. That means the 26th-through-50th-largest ad-selling web publishers -- not small sites in terms of traffic -- got a mere 7% of the total U.S. online ad spending in 2009.

Thanks to David Hallerman (Source).

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