Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How do you create a video blog?

Video blogs can be a complicated beast, if you choose to go that route. Our goal is to speak with clients about focus, and goals, and not allow a simple blog to grow out of control.

Today we'll cover the basic, head shoulders, office backdrop speaking into a webcam video blog. This is you, with your pre-written script, speaking into a web cam or camera on a topic.

The key element to remember is, a video blog is an extension of your text blog. When you write your text blog it's a posting of probably a maximum 400 words. And it's based on a particular theme. Video blogs follow the same rules.

1.Keep the length short enough that you won't lose the viewer's attention.
2.Focus on the theme and don't stray.

Other things to keep in mind.
Images. If you are enhancing the content, choose images that fit the theme and image of the topic. But by choosing images you are also stepping into art direction and branding. If it's just you, speaking on a theme, sometimes it's better to just do a headshoulder shot enhanced by titling and go with a simple look. It enables you to be consistent in future blogs.
Everything you put out that represents you, or your client, is part of their overall brand; and mixed visual messages cause confused consumers.

Next, upload to your blogging account. In upcoming posts, we'll cover other ways to post and utilize video blog posting for maximum results.

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