Friday, July 16, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - The Pause that refreshes

The eastern seaboard has experienced quite the heatwave over the last few weeks. Today's Creative Excellence theme - soft drinks, and the pause that refreshes.

We've covered pop (soda, for our American readers :) in the past. But there are plenty of commercials to choose from in this category.

Celebrity participation has always been a big seller in the soft drink industry. But just because you have a celeb, you still need strong writing and direction. The Simpsons have no compunctions with selling. It's only natural that a show that promotes the Krusty burger, promote products in real life.

Kiss has never had a problem selling out. They've been a marketing machine since 1973.

And of course the granddaddy of soft drink endorsement commercials, the original Mean Joe Green commercial from 1977

And the followup from last year's Superbowl

That's it for this week. Say a little prayer that your air conditioning holds out, have a wonderful weekend, as as always your comments, kudos and arrows are always welcome.

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