Friday, July 2, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Living lavita loco

Last week I took a vacation to Barcelona. Incredible scenery, and the locals are extremely fond of photography; so much so that one of them still has my camera. A beautiful city, but I think the movie "The Grifters" was largely inspired by it because I've never seen so many different ways to separate tourists from their money. All that creativity also translates into great commercials. The ad community in Spain is vital and has made a lot of contributions.

And, in the spirit of international commercials, Spain has their share of celebrity endorsements. It's doesn't hurt that Hugh Laurie speaks passable spanish. Sorry there are no subtitles to this, but you'll get a smile out of this just the same.

And being a typical European country, their attitudes about sex are more... relaxed.

And finally, as World Cup winds down over the next two weeks, here's a commercial with a "Futbol" theme.

Happy belated Canada Day.
As always your comments, suggestions, themes and commercials are always welcome.

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