Friday, July 23, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - Droid This!

Even in spite of the little "blip" with reception, Apple's newest Iphones have been selling like hotcakes.
Why? It's pretty simple really.
a) They're cool.
b) Your friends have them.
c) They enable you to do cool stuff.
d) Did I mention, they're cool?

We've all been slaves to trends. It's the world North America is built on, having cool stuff early on while it's still being talked about. And cell phones are a beacon because they are affordable cache. Not everyone will have the latest Range Rover or Mercedes, but cool phones that load up music, photos and apps that you choose based on your likes are affordable by almost anyone who values that as part of their personality identifier.

What's my point?

How do you knock Apple off the mountain top.
By not only building a better mousetrap, but a better cool factor. And given that Apple culture is now hotter than Scientology on Rodeo Drive, it's not an easy task.
But Apple didn't invent cool. They just figured out how to bottle it better.

But don't underestimate the new kid at the kiosk. Droid, backed by Google, is coming up fast on the outside with open source apps and pricing that is easy on the wallet.
And, wait for it, ... cool commercials.

Droid figured out that to speak to a 25 year old market you need ad execs who speak "youth-a-nese". But, if you're a wily veteran, remember to follow your gut. Goosebumps are not age or gender specific.

And then there's Canadian favourite RIM and Blackberry. They recognize their audience skews slightly older, in the business set. Beatles remakes and older edgy U2 soundtracks help them hedge their bets.

That's it for this week. Enjoy the premiere of season 4 of
Madmen this Sunday night if you're a fan.

Have a great weekend. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

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