Monday, July 19, 2010

Your social media maintenance. Be careful who you entrust it to.

So you've determined your company is hopping on the social media bandwagon. You had someone in marketing create the facebook page and twitter account. And you're looking into these other social media portals like Vimeo, Youtube channels and whatever else seems to be getting buzz.

Now, it occurs to you, you've created a monster. These pages, if not changed regularly become giant creeking door, spider web covered abandoned houses, if not a attended to regularly. Social media pages are like a house party. If it doesn't appear like "the place to be" they'll find another place.

So who will maintain these pages? Sara, who looks after the front desk? Jim, the techy guy who also knows a lot about social media? June in marketing who has a way with the words?
Probably a combination of the three. If you have time to coordinate it and over see it.

Outsourcing your social media maintenance is a wise move, if you choose wisely.
There are companies, such as Ontrack Communications and Assureassess who specialize in providing social media creation and maintenance, and articling. It's essential, whoever you choose, that the company assures you they will take the time to know your business and speak your customer's language. Otherwise the page could do more harm than good.

Tomorrow, corporate social media maintenance gone horribly wrong.

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