Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Swearing on television

When I grew up watching television in the 60's, there was no swearing on television. The occasional darn and shucks on Andy Griffith, that was the extent of it. If you saw someone saying "damn" it was on late night television and your parents generally whisked you back up to bed with a red sheepish look on their faces.

It's 2010. The world has changed. Baby steps. We didn't wake up one day and see people cursing their heads off. But today is a new age in media. With the advent of Showtime and HBO (Cable) it was permission to come into people's homes with "real" television. And no one can argue that the Sopranos was not quality television. It was what it was. For what it was.

My personal opinion is we should worry less about cursing and more about creating quality television programming. If there was a law passed that reality television was banned from the screens, I think it should be proclaimed a national holiday.

The point of this blurb is to tie into the Adage article Swearing on television. The article talks about the use of profanity on a new show starring William Shatner, coming out this fall. It's based on the popular Twitter and Facebook page "Shit my dad says". CBS is said to be not actually using the word shit in the title, but instead inserting exclamation marks and cartoon cursing symbols. I think this is ridiculous. If you choose to make a show about a title, make the show. Anyone who hasn't used the word in regular conversation is probably too busy with meditation to be watching a sitcom. Know your target. Talk to your target, and cut out this shit. Well, actually leave it in. And stop making shitty reality based television shows. That's just my opinion. Shit Tim says.

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