Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sports equal Life

Watching the final game of the Stanley cup finals last night made me realize how much sports mirrors life.
The final goal was scored 4 minutes into overtime but the puck slipped in and got trapped under the bottom of the net on the inside. No one knew it had gone in. All the exhilaration of ultimate triumph was gone. Spreading the emotion of winning the Stanley Cup out amongst thousands of confused faces took all of the energy away from the moment. The instant element of surprise and delight, or defeat, was gone.

Consider the parallel. A woman dates a man for 3 years. She has an inkling he is going to pop the question. Instead of surprising her, and putting great thought into a proposal he instead says "My mom thinks I need to grow up and stop being so irresponsible. She thinks I should settle down." And then he says nothing more about it for a month or two. Then when she finally gets tired of waiting says "So are we getting married or what?" And he replies "Umm okay I guess."

That, is how I felt after the game last night. That is also the recipe for a disastrous ad concept. When you take out the element of surprise and the immediate delivery of solution or gratification, you take out all emotion.

And emotion is the reason we are on this planet, and what separates us from trees. It's just that simple.

Coming up tomorrow, Creative Excellence Fridays and a celebration of what Mohamed Ali called "beautiful game".

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