Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Design - "Let it breathe"

Yesterday we talked about simplicity and clarity of message. Today, the same applies to the design.

Imagine yourself at a busy venue. You're looking for your friend. But the place is completely packed with people, pushing and shoving. Your friend is literally 15 feet away. But you can't see her because you're distracted by all the people and activity. You try to look around but can't focus on where to look.

Our approach to design in advertising is similar. Don't make your viewer "work" to see what you want them to see. Allow your primary message to be the star of the stage having all other elements pay homage to it. Slightly larger type size, perhaps a different font, the flow lines from top to bottom guiding your eye where it needs to go.
Another approach that is being used a lot these days (subtle as a freight train) is having the ad all in black and white, except for the product.

There are many different techniques for drawing focus where it is intended. But never make the mistake of cluttering an ad with unnecessary sales points. Sell the sizzle, not the steak, and allow your ad the chance to not only survive, but be the most clear communication out there.

Ad news - We urge you to read this posting from AdAge today. Innovation in outdoor and digital signage. Have a great day.
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