Friday, June 4, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - What's that tune?

Welcome to our Friday morning celebration of creative excellence. How many times have you seen a commercial on tv, web or at the movies and thought, "that's a great song. Who does that?" A while back we stumbled across a forum site called What's That Called. It's a great resource site when you see a commercial and wonder who the artist is behind it.

Remember one of the original Ipod commercials featured Canadian artist Feist. She made the commercial. The commercial made her.

For the longest time Bruce Springsteen would not allow his music to be attached to commercial ventures. But now, some brands, Mac being one of them, actually enhance an artist's stature. Or in some cases launch the artist into a new realm.

Earlier this year, Cadillac launched a rebrand to show younger demo's Cadillac was not just your father's car.
The music is punchy, with retro touches but still very hip. The song used is
"Love Sick" by Lindstrom & Christabelle

Car ads have always been great sources of music. The Sorento commercials, through David and Goliath advertising, have made some stellar choices in music for the brand. This song is by The Heavy.

As always your theme suggestions or comments are most welcome. Have a great weekend.

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