Friday, June 18, 2010

Creative Excellence Fridays - In the News

Welcome to Creative Excellence Fridays - Our weekly salute to great creative. This week in Toronto, the city is pretty much in lock down mode with the G20 summit arriving.
A friend working in the "lock down zone" showed me the instructions from head office on proper protocol and safety. Tips included "not standing in front of open windows" and having photo id on you at all times.

With all the restricted movement downtown we wondered how it will effect courier companies.

With all the added security downtown, it makes you wonder if the authorities have heard of the new added benefits of drinking Bud Light.

And finally, staying with the theme, "In the News", I came across a commercial for a new mobile tv device featuring dozens of clips from the cold war era to current day. It's beautifully edited.

Creative Excellence Fridays returns 2 weeks from today. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Have a great weekend.

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